1. Coordinates contract implementation
  2. Monitor schedule and ensures delivery prescheduled
  3. Interface with client project Manager, client financial department and
    management team.
  4. Ensure proper record keeping and filling
  5. Produce project status update reports according to client requirements (daily,weekly and monthly)

The officer is responsible for the safety standards, safety equipments, safety training and
other safety support to ensure that the safety policy is adhered to. His Job description shall

  1. Advising management on all safety matters including currents legislation, codes or practice and safety at work.
  2. Informing management of any hazards, unsafe acts and/ or conditions associated with any activities.
  3. Ensuring that company personnel are aware of the client’s safety regulations and procedures and strictly adhere to
  4. Accident reporting and investigation.
  • Coordinates day to day movement of personnel and materials distribution activities
  • Coordinates with technical manager on projects /procurement team requirements.
  • Keep proper record of daily activities
    (a) human resource
    (b) materials check
    (c) job delivery
    (d) security check
  • Project daily report and escalation to the Director of Operations

They are responsible for all the activities in the field, the construction, installations
verification of all the jobs done and reports directly to the project coordinator.

  1. facilitate compliance on all the specifications, data sheets or other Technical Information
    including any standards, certification or qualification required for the services
  2. They also shall initiate to prevent the occurrence of any nonconformity’s relating to the project.
  1. He coordinates all the activities between us and our clients /contractors, making sure that
    all legal, process and procedure interim of documents and otherwise are observed.
  2. Upon around of contract, the client Rep. shall review the tender document, drawing and the
    contracture documents to ensure that they are adequately understood.

This team is required to carryout all preventive, reactive and corrective maintenance
requirements of Clients Specification
The team will be required to carryout adequate servicing and application of original disposable
serving part the generator’s which would enable the engine to be at utmost power condition
Also the maintenance engineers would visit Locations allocated to them where our presence is
needed for preventive maintenance routine. Each maintenance team shall consists of

  1. Mechanical or Electrical Engineer
  2. Mechanical or Electrical Technician
  3. Technician Rigger
  4. Technician Rigger

Maintenance Engineer’s on routine weekly visit to locations would carryout preventive maintenance requirements as stated in the company scope of work


Our Advantages

Cheeryna Engineering Services Nigeria Limited has competitive advantage over other services providers for the following reason:

  • We enjoy a special attention from the banking industry and as such we are able to deliver with minimum financial constraint.
  • We have been able to streamline our prices and charges due to our low over head cost, and our direct importers and technical partners makes our rates better than other competitors.
  • We know the requirements of our client’s request and we are poised to perform any assigned duty promptly and complete project with due regard and with all
    professional standard and ethics.

Provide technical inputs in the evaluation of specifications and designs stated in
proposals, quotations and other submissions from third party contractors and other service providers and make recommendations as appropriate.

  • Work closely with the client/contractors and ensure compliance with agreed
  • technical specifications and prompt report of any deviation/non-compliance.
  • Monitor progress against agreed milestones and delivery schedules, note and report potential bottle necks and project constraints.
  • Manage project work sites: oversee proper preliminary site preparation and ensure the provision/adoption of appropriate safety equipment and measures.
  • Coordinate projects with other internal departments.
  • Prepare/compile agreed periodic activity and performance reports.
  • Prepare progress, project completion and commissioning reports.
  • Key member of ISO 9001:2000 Standard Quality Auditing committee.

The highly experienced work force with an exceptional competencies as well
as local and international font edge.

  • Our enthusiasm for quality and excellence
  • We consciously focus on prompt delivery
  • Our compliance to health safety and environment
  • Various competency training and exposure
  • Team work and innovative concept