Structural Engineering
  • Residential, Industrial and Commercial Buildings
  • Structural Surveys/Appraisals
  • Storage/Overhead Tanks and Silos
  • Stadia and Theatres
  • Rehabilitation of Buildings
Upstream Sector
  • Support services,
  • Construction & Civil works,
  • Consulting services,
  • Facilities maintenance,
  • Environmental management,
  • Surveying & geological services
Highways & Transportation
  • Urban and Regional Transportation Planning
  • Alignment/Pavement Design
  • Route Location Studies
  • Bridges
  • Rehabilitation Studies
Reservoir Engineering:
  • Oil Expand Terminal Design and Construction & Crude Oil Lifting,
  • Supply Maintenance of Safety Equipment
  • Consultancy Services,
  • Simulation,
  • Economic Analysis,
  • Complete Field Study.
Project and Documentations
  • Refrigeration and Air-conditioning
  • Crane operators
  • Scalfolders
  • Marine technicians
  • Mechanics
  • Electricians e.t.c
Surveying and Computer Aided Design
  • Cadastral Surveys
  • Topographic Surveys
  • Engineering Surveys
  • Photogrammetric
  • Software Development (CAD Based)
  • CAD Applications
  • Modeling and Simulation

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Oil & Gas Engineering
  • Design of Fixed Jacket Platforms
  • Offshore and Onshore Pipelines
  • LNG Gas Plants
  • Platform/Pipeline Survey
Geographic Information Systems
  • Data Collection and Verification
  • Data Integration – Overlay and Spatial aggregation
  • Spatial Searching and Statistical analysis
  • Cartographic Functions
  • Data Presentation and mapping
  • Environmental and Ecological Monitoring and Assessment
  • Base Information Generation
Electrical & Mechanical Engineering:
  • Urban and Rural Electrification
  • Electrical Design for Residential and Commercial/Industrial Buildings
  • Street Lighting Design, Construction and Installation
Production Support Services
  • Fire Fighting system Design and installation & 2/3 Phase Meter Supplies,
  • Wireline Services & Pipeline Laying/ Inspection,
  • Production Chemical Supplies & Management,
  • Engineering Design, Procurement/Construction of production facilities,
  • Corrosion Engineering & Environmental Engineering Services,
  • Blow Out Central Services & Flow Line Construction,
  • Supply & Maintenance of Safety Equipment
Water Resources Engineering
  • Urban and Rural Water Supply
  • Rehabilitation Studies
  • Dam Construction and Irrigation
Supplies and Procurement

Provision of Human Resources in all Technical and Engineering principles as applied to oilfield and construction works such as:

  • All related Engineering Fields
  • All related Administrative Fields
Technology/Computing Facilities

We utilise CADD packages extensively for finding the most precise and efficient solutions to engineering problems. We are also equipped with a range of Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Water Resources, and Surveying software such as:

➢AutoCAD (For modelling and drafting)
➢ COGOPC (Co-ordinate geometry)
➢ SURFER (Surface and topographic plotting)
➢ ArcviewGIS (For capturing, analysing and presenting geospatial information
➢ STAAD Pro (Structural Engineering)
➢ SACS (Offshore Structural Analyses)
➢ RISA 2D &3D(Structural Engineering)
➢ Watnet (Water Network Analysis)
➢ SCALES (Structural Engineering)
➢ Softdesk Civil/Survey (Comprehensive Civil Engineering Package)
➢ EaglePoint 98 (Comprehensive Civil Engineering Package)
➢ AutoCivil (Comprehensive Civil Engineering Package)
➢ AutoWater (Water Supply Distribution)
➢ AutoSewer (Sewer Analysis)
➢ AutoStorm (Storm-drain Analysis and Design)
➢ AutoRoads (Highway Designers Program)
➢ CaiCE (Approved for Civil Eng./Survey by California DOT)
➢ Prokon Structural Analysis and Design Package